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pick me, I'm disruptive

Casper Sleepers

but I'm cooler

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well I'm funnier

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i'm just here for the vibes

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when people started getting tired of hustle culture, we offered a side gig they could do with their eyes closed - by making sleep an official job at Casper.

what happened next?

  • over 3000 applicants

  • 135 Million organic impressions

  • 6.5 Billion total impressions

  • 100% brand search increase

  • 2 Cannes Lions Shortlists & 6 One Show Shortlists

Casper Sleepers

Role | creator

ACD art | Molly Johnson

ACD copy | Evan Elberson
GCD | Katherine Obrien & Jackie Blaze
ECD | Nadia Kamran
CCO | Rob Lenois

The Original CC

views 2.6M

Waking up Kayla

views 3.7M


views 1.4M

Dream Interpretation

views 1.1M

Sleepers in the City
Casper_DOOH_magazine-covers-final_Kayla Odom.jpg
Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 12.16.02 AM.png
Casper_DOOH_magazine-covers-r4_Casper_DOOH_magazine-covers-final_Daniel Biglin.jpg
Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 12.15.39 AM.png
Doc gif.gif

PAID TO SLEEP Documentary

Casper Snorecore

our culture’s newfound love of comfy sleepwear often conflicts with an equally growing interest in high fashion. But who’s to say they have to be mutually exclusive? Casper will make sleep the hottest new lifestyle trend by bringing Snoozewear™ into the upper echelons of the fashion world.

from one organic short form video to:

  • VV1 vlog style youtube video sneaking into a NYFW show

  • 30s TVC spot during the 2023 Oscars E! News red carpet

  • garnering $6k in robe sales

Nina Runway 3 (1).png

Role | senior creator, director, talent

ACD art | Molly Johnson

ACD copy | Evan Elberson
GCDs | Katherine Obrien & Jackie Blaze

original cc.gif

original viral video


stacking on momentum


leveraging cultural moments

Hero Video Thumbnail new.png

Snorecore Hero Video - directed & produced by Nina Taubes

click to watch


Casper x Oscars TVC 2023

edited by Nina Taubes

case study video

edited by Nina Taubes

IMG_4304 (1).jpg

nothing makes us appreciate good sleep more than catching how dysfunctional we are without it. 

Casper helps awaken and reward people’s love of sleep by bringing playful attention to the silly sleepy mistakes we all relate to. 

what happened next?:

  • original viral video gaining 300K + organic views

  • opened a sweepstakes for participants to submit their best, worst sleepy fails

  • received over 400 submissions

  • produced a VV1 podcast style video reacting to our favorite responses and putting them on blast

Role | senior creator/designer, talent

CCA | Danny Chamberlain

ACD art | Molly Johnson

ACD copy |  Evan Elberson
GCD | Jackie Blaze

Sleepy Fails logo

designed and animated by Nina Taubes

sleepy fails cover image.png
Sleepy fails 2.gif
Sleepy Fails Final stacks.gif
Sleepy Fails Final gif.gif

Sleepy Fails video

edited by Nina Taubes

click to watch

brand repositioning 2023

insight | good sleep feels good, yet the industry and culture don’t celebrate it in a way that makes people feel good about sleep

idea | as the original disruptor, Casper will bravely bring about a new unabashed appreciation for sleep like never before 

expression | wake up the world’s love for sleep

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