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what's up! I'm Nina, a multi-discipline creator.


as a kid, I first journeyed into creativity through the traditional arts- painting, illustration, printmaking, and sculpting. during my time at Fordham University I ventured into the realm of digital arts and fell in love with design, videography, and animation.

now, as a senior creator in advertising, I enjoy using my ability to connect brands to humans by asking, what do I know to be true about our experiences. I have become bilingual in creative and strategy, and highly knowledgeable in creating content for various social media platforms. I have worked on campaigns for brands such as Bose, Casper, CîROC, Chase Freedom Unlimited, Scotts Miracle-Gro, and more.

in the wake of a global pandemic I started my own clothing brand, GUJOJA 구조자, a streetwear brand reimagined by women for women. the brand embodies my identity as an Asian-American woman with flares of Korean and American influences and a pinch of femininity. I taught myself how to screen print and found success with my launch in 2022. now I am currently working on my second collection for fall 2023.

in 2019, I founded CAVA Collective, a platform and production house for creatives, artists, visionaries, activists, and anyone in between. CAVA Collective fostered personal connections within a global network of young artists by providing a variety of platforms where they could take creative risks in a collaborative community.

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