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what's up! I'm Nina, a multi-discipline creator.

since I was a kid you could always find me making. as my mom would say, "no matter what it was, painting, illustration, printmaking, etc. she could just do that all day and be content".

now, as a senior creator in advertising, I show that same passion of making through graphic design, videography, and animation. I enjoy using my ability to connect brands to humans by asking, what do I know to be true about our experiences and because of that, have become bilingual in creative and strategic thinking.

clients: Bose | Casper | Diageo | L-Nutra | New Era Cap | Olay | Scott Products | Scotts Miracle Gro | Sheetz | U by Kotex | Urban Outfitters

in the wake of a global pandemic I started my own clothing brand, GUJOJA 구조자, a streetwear brand reimagined by women for women. the brand embodies my identity as an Asian-American woman with flares of Korean and American influences and a pinch of femininity. I taught myself how to screen print and found success with my launch in 2022 and now I am currently working on my second collection.

in 2019, I founded CAVA Collective, a platform and production house for creatives, artists, visionaries, activists, and anyone in between. CAVA Collective fostered personal connections within a global network of young artists by providing a variety of platforms where they could take creative risks in a collaborative community.


when I am not working you can find me training in muay thai; hanging out with friends at our favorite local dive bar; movie nights with the roomie; or curled up in bed with my cat Suki, a binge-worthy show, and a creative project.

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