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A Creative Process

Paint in my brush, I stroke
Water down the drain, I drip
I dip my brush in phthalo seas
Ease of the wrist

I dip the tip once again
Crimson tides when skin deep
Drying paint I wipe my cheek
Meekly brush my face I weep

Tears shades of cobalt I drew
Blue hues of fears I keep
She only chose the colors she knew
And for those others, she knew one day she'd choose

Portraits of faces once forgotten
Landscapes of places so familiar
Been there once before
But no one can remember anymore

Fine tipped brush strokes
Broken pencils and chipped chalk
Warm silk pastels shades of golden bliss
Lost in the domains of creativeness

How many hours have past
I have made my time last
Hands plastered with brilliant elements
Evidence of a true artistic blast


Nina Taubes

2019 Published in Fordham University's Literary Magazine, The Ampersand

A Vision of Colorado

Here I am

In this bed

Looking  out the window

I see tall pine trees

Mountains with snowy peaks

Icy air that shows when you speak

It's a calming chill

A meditative state, a solitary feel

Bone-chilling and brain freezes 

Time slows down ceasing to exist

I am here

But I am not


Nina Taubes


I am like a Koi

A colorful carp pushing against currents


Strong enough to swim against struggles

Or give in to the fight and let defeat make you humbled


But I will, one day, make it to the waterfall

And like a dragon, I will be the most golden of them all


Nina Taubes

Time Apart 

“i need to take some time

    away from you


   i haven’t been the person

      that (i thought) i wanted to


i’ve been distracted

   i think…


Drowning! i’m sinking

   but you never acted on it

   would you ever?

      Even if i asked for it?


Seems like

   i can’t depend on you these days

i’ve been

   counting the times you’ve let me down

      i’ve seem to have lost count now


i’ve lost trust in you

   and i never wanted to

      but you’ve left me no choice


i can’t listen to you 

   voicing hurtful opinions of me

or making destructive decisions

   for me


that’s why we should break up

   at least for now


         for a little while


but i’ll be waiting for the day

when instead of consuming me

   like you have done back then

      you make me whole

         once again.”


She got it out and she was done.

The message was received, that’s all she had to say.

Then she turned from her mirror

   and went on her way.

To: the ego

From: me and my sanity


Nina Taubes

Loving You

Your love

Is my love


We love


There is none


Your love

Makes my mind run

To you

Away from


And in circles

But my heart is calm

Maybe my mind is wrong


Loving you

Is like

Comfort from the sun

Warm and bright

Protects from the night


It comes with danger

Blinding light

Can no longer see the issues

Problems are just a whisper


Like a gun

Your love

Cold like metal


Bullets filled with hate

And gunpowder

I’ve been shot too many times

By you 

and your love


Patience growing thinner

Damage getting bigger

I need to save me 

before your love tames me 

and takes me

This time

I pulled the trigger

And you fell 

to your knees

You didn’t even plea


Nina Taubes

2018 Published in Fordham University's Literary Magazine, The Ampersand

The Space Between

She's been trying to get some space

Space from herself

Space from someone else


Been getting a new perspective 

Or at least trying to

Reflective of the self

Feeling introspective


Trying to get a new view of the world

Try to reinterpret everything she's heard

But always keeping a certain distance from her words

And no one really understands what she means

Because she leaves that space in between     


Nina Taubes


 We are all passengers

 In the same train, on the same plane

 Going the same way

 But leaving in different directions

 Looking at each other's reflections through windows

 But making no conversation

 We are all passengers

 We are all strangers

 But it's true

 That we are all human

 We are all different but we are the same

 I feel pain the same as you

 We both feel love too

 Don't know what makes you, you

 You don't know what I've gone through

 But truth is

 Life's ruthless

 Life is Beautiful


 Full of lovers and sinners

 We may be different

 But we're all brothers and sisters

 On this trip

 We are all passengers


Nina Taubes

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